Feb. 21st, 2007

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Hi, everyone. Just a quick post made from work to let you know that I'm currently unable to access the internet at all from home. This just happened last night. I suspect a particularly nanny-like security program called Zone Alarm is to blame. It seems to have arbitrarily decided that our internet browsers (both IE and Firefox) are some kind of threat and won't allow us to connect to them.

Of course, this had to happen when my husband is away and I don't dare just ininstall the program because I suspect it's one of these ones that leaves things behind in the file registry that have to be removed by hand (and very carefully indeed. Can't even access the Zonelabs user forum to see if anyone there has had a similar problem.

My husband is back tonight and I'm keeping my fingers crossed he'll be able to sort it out quickly but it depends how late he gets back and what sort of mood he's in unfortunately.

Obviously, this means no update today but I'm hoping normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

:Waves gloomily:

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