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Hi. If you're here it must be because you want to read my very long, very kinky indulgence fic Coming of Age.

I'm not sure what to say here. My instinct is to try and put people off, which is silly. You're all adults and can make up your own minds whether a story like this is for you. Here follows a brief description of how I came to write the story in this rather bizarre way and some of what you can expect in it.

Firstly, I've been writing it on and off since February and it's very long indeed - 190,000 words exactly. I know this because all the sections are exactly 1000 words long. Quite why I decided to stick so religiously to this format, I can't now remember but I have done so all the way through, except for the epilogue, which is 2000 words. The story is long and rambly and though there is plot, things grind to a halt quite frequently for various kinky goings on and sometimes the way the story is set up - two parts from one character's POV followed by one part from another character's POV - slows things down a lot. Just warning you in case you're the impatient type.

Other details, as follows:

Setting: An AU, glass-darkly version of AtS season 5, though the plot also diverges in various places from points earlier in the series. Hopefully, these will be self-explanatory.
Pairings: Spike/Angel, Spike/Wesley
Rating: Very NC17 and containing the following bits of nastiness - non-con and semi-non-con, sexual torture, medical kink etc etc. This started off as a slave fic so it also contains the sorts of elements you'd expect to find in those, such as humiliation, objectification etc. There're also some gruesome bits and - because I know some people are very sensitive about these things - there is one chapter where a dog meets an unpleasant end.
Beautiful illustrations by [ profile] sueworld2003, LJ layout by [ profile] japewierd.

Okay, having done my utmost best to put you off, if anyone still wants to read the fic, please leave a comment below and I'll friend you. All fic posts will be flocked.
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