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Hi. Several people have friended this LJ over the last couple of days and several others have defriended it. Therefore it seems like a good time to again ask people to defriend this LJ if they're not enjoying the content. Also, to those of you who want to friend it on the back of [ profile] sueworld2003's fic pimp, I just want to say that this isn't really my fic LJ, more my dark fic LJ. Most of the content is dark in nature, a great deal of it is m/m slash. If you still want to read the stories please leave a comment here (that's new people, this isn't a defriending warning. I'll only defriend someone if they defriend this LJ first).

If you decide after reading this that these stories are probably not for you, nearly all my other fics are available at my website, Distorting Mirrors
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I've just done the defriending thing I said I was going to do a week ago. If you missed my post in which I asked lurkers to come forward and say whether or not they wanted to stay friended to this LJ, and you find yourself defriended but want to stay, leave a comment here.

Likewise, I'm aware that I may well have defriended some people who have only just arrived, and you may now be thinking, "Hang on a minute! I didn't even get the chance to find out whether I liked the stories or not!" If this is you, and you still think you would like to read them, likewise leave a comment here, and please don't take it personally.

Also, [ profile] anindoorkitty, I friended you, as you requested, but so far you have not friended this LJ back. Please do so if you are still interested.

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I've just been through the flist on this LJ and defriended a large number of people. It's nothing personal, I assure you. Those I've de-friended have either never commented or haven't commented for such a long time, I'm assuming they've lost interest.

If you missed my previous friends only post asking people to de-lurk and say they still wanted to read Age of Unreason and you now find yourself de-friended, please leave a comment here if you want to be re-friended.

I've also kept on the flist several people who asked to be friended recently but, as yet, haven't friended this LJ back. I will leave them for another week, but if they haven't friended this LJ by then, I will defriend them too.


ETA: Having managed to defriend a few people who'd left me plenty of comments along the way, or specifically asked me not to defriend them (:slaps self on forehead:), I've now done what I should have done from the start and checked every Age of Unreason entry. I'm now fairly certain that I've refriended everyone who has ever left a comment or who had specifically asked me to keep them friended.

However, chances are that if you're way behind and still ploughing your way through Coming of Age, I might have defriended you. If so, and you suddenly find yourself unable to read the story any more, please don't take it personally but just leave a comment here and I'll refriend you.
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Hi again. Thanks for the response to the first chapters. Must admit, I hadn't realised until I posted them quite how short the Wesley POV sections of this story are. I hope no one felt too short-changed?

Anyway, I've decided to keep up momentum by posting the first Spike POV part this evening when I get home from work. As you'll see, it's a very different story to the Wesley one, though they are of course connected.

As before, I advise anyone who didn't read my pre-posting post on Tuesday, which talked about the structure of the story, to read that before setting about reading the new chapters, in the hope of avoiding confusion. Likewise, though I posted a summary of Coming of Age on Monday, that was really aimed at the people who'd already read it, as a refresher. If you haven't read it, you really do need to read it first or Age of Unreason won't make much sense.

Someone asked me if I had Coming of Age as a Word file. Unfortunately, I don't. The story exists on my HD as lots and lots of separate Word files and I've never found the time to sit down and combine them into one. Unfortunately, too, I'm very bad at tagging. Always forget to do it.

Here is a link to the first part of Coming of Age, which is friendslocked. I hope those of you who haven't read it will enjoy it, and if not, at least you'll know whether or not Age of Unreason is a story you're likely to enjoy before setting about trying to read it.

Finally, I've friended everyone who asked to be friended. However, I tend to unfriend people after a week or so if they don't friend this LJ back.

ETA: Likewise, if you haven't actually asked to be friended, I probably won't realise, so please leave a comment here.
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Hi, everyone. Just a quick post made from work to let you know that I'm currently unable to access the internet at all from home. This just happened last night. I suspect a particularly nanny-like security program called Zone Alarm is to blame. It seems to have arbitrarily decided that our internet browsers (both IE and Firefox) are some kind of threat and won't allow us to connect to them.

Of course, this had to happen when my husband is away and I don't dare just ininstall the program because I suspect it's one of these ones that leaves things behind in the file registry that have to be removed by hand (and very carefully indeed. Can't even access the Zonelabs user forum to see if anyone there has had a similar problem.

My husband is back tonight and I'm keeping my fingers crossed he'll be able to sort it out quickly but it depends how late he gets back and what sort of mood he's in unfortunately.

Obviously, this means no update today but I'm hoping normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

:Waves gloomily:
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Hi everyone. Will be posting another chapter in a moment but in the meantime, I thought I'd put up that poll I mentioned doing, to check the status of the many people friended to this LJ who haven't commented. I've tried to keep the questions as neutral as possible. Hope I succeeded.

[Poll #903979]
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Just a quick note to everyone who asked to be friended and who I haven't friended back yet. I have to rush off to work in a moment and haven't time to friend you all now but I will try to get it done when I get home.

Also - seeing so many of you there, I have to admit I am scared out of my wits that this story will disgust/disappoint/otherwise offend you. I feel like assuming the crash position.

Anyway, having said all that, I will friend you all when I get home. Part 1 is already posted and I will try to post part 2 this evening. Updates will be fairly regular as the thing is just so damn long that if I don't post regularly, I'll still be posting come spring.
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Hi. If you're here it must be because you want to read my very long, very kinky indulgence fic Coming of Age.

I'm not sure what to say here. My instinct is to try and put people off, which is silly. You're all adults and can make up your own minds whether a story like this is for you. Here follows a brief description of how I came to write the story in this rather bizarre way and some of what you can expect in it.

Firstly, I've been writing it on and off since February and it's very long indeed - 190,000 words exactly. I know this because all the sections are exactly 1000 words long. Quite why I decided to stick so religiously to this format, I can't now remember but I have done so all the way through, except for the epilogue, which is 2000 words. The story is long and rambly and though there is plot, things grind to a halt quite frequently for various kinky goings on and sometimes the way the story is set up - two parts from one character's POV followed by one part from another character's POV - slows things down a lot. Just warning you in case you're the impatient type.

Other details, as follows:

Setting: An AU, glass-darkly version of AtS season 5, though the plot also diverges in various places from points earlier in the series. Hopefully, these will be self-explanatory.
Pairings: Spike/Angel, Spike/Wesley
Rating: Very NC17 and containing the following bits of nastiness - non-con and semi-non-con, sexual torture, medical kink etc etc. This started off as a slave fic so it also contains the sorts of elements you'd expect to find in those, such as humiliation, objectification etc. There're also some gruesome bits and - because I know some people are very sensitive about these things - there is one chapter where a dog meets an unpleasant end.
Beautiful illustrations by [ profile] sueworld2003, LJ layout by [ profile] japewierd.

Okay, having done my utmost best to put you off, if anyone still wants to read the fic, please leave a comment below and I'll friend you. All fic posts will be flocked.
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Written by Glassdarkly

Rating: NC17, with some BDSM, non-con oral sex
Setting: As previous parts
Pairing: Spike/Angelus
Angelus generously gives Spike a blow-job for the first time
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