Jun. 16th, 2008

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I've just been through the flist on this LJ and defriended a large number of people. It's nothing personal, I assure you. Those I've de-friended have either never commented or haven't commented for such a long time, I'm assuming they've lost interest.

If you missed my previous friends only post asking people to de-lurk and say they still wanted to read Age of Unreason and you now find yourself de-friended, please leave a comment here if you want to be re-friended.

I've also kept on the flist several people who asked to be friended recently but, as yet, haven't friended this LJ back. I will leave them for another week, but if they haven't friended this LJ by then, I will defriend them too.


ETA: Having managed to defriend a few people who'd left me plenty of comments along the way, or specifically asked me not to defriend them (:slaps self on forehead:), I've now done what I should have done from the start and checked every Age of Unreason entry. I'm now fairly certain that I've refriended everyone who has ever left a comment or who had specifically asked me to keep them friended.

However, chances are that if you're way behind and still ploughing your way through Coming of Age, I might have defriended you. If so, and you suddenly find yourself unable to read the story any more, please don't take it personally but just leave a comment here and I'll refriend you.

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